A comprehensive view

There are many solutions in the market.  Not everyone is in the same place.  Unity is a process where we find out where you are and look at the opportunities available.  Too many companies want you to buy what they have because that is what they sell.  Unity provides a process and a place to start and a path forward to achieve your energy savings goals.

do the math

We don't sell you solutions.  We show you the math.  How do you know what to replace and how much you should spend?  Is High Effeciency the way to go?  We will show you the ROI, payback and financing that makes the decision easy.

It starts with measuring and monitoring

Our UNITY system controls, measures and monitors HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration, Air Balance and more.  UNITY does it all.  

Be ready for the future

Our solutions provide the data you will need to validate and confirm all your future CAPX and Energy Management decisions.


  • In-depth Building Analysis
  • UNITY Sales & Installation
  • Energy Reporting & Analysis
  • Certified Start Up & Air-Balance
  • Cloud based Asset Management
  • HVAC Equipment Replacement
  • Variable Speed Fan Sales & Installation
  • Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits
  • Grow Room Consulting 
  • Solar Consulting
  • Customized Integration